I Done Good

on September 26, 2012

When I was a child, music was everything. When I wasn’t listening to my albums, my nose was in a book. When my nose wasn’t in a book, I was sitting on the porch with the boom box listening to cassettes. Yes, I am that old. But my point is, music and books have always… Read More

They Had It So Easy

on February 5, 2010

Everyone grew up hearing the stories about how are parents had it so much harder when they were kids. Trudging to school through the snow, uphill both ways, past the bully with the penchant for inflicting wedgies, and the old man on the corner who threw shoes at kids who dared step on his lawn…. Read More

New Title – Bad Mom

on November 17, 2008

Sorry I’ve been AWOL from here. My typically crazy life got crazier when I threw a man into the mix. I guess it had been so long, I’d forgotten how much time and maintenance those things require. *sigh* Anywho, it’s confession time. See the title to this blog? That applies to me. I am officially… Read More