Home To Stay

Big Sale All January Long!

on January 12, 2015

My publisher has decided that one book on sale in a month is not enough. And who am I to complain?? For the entire month of January, MEANT TO BE, book 1 in the Anchor Island Series is on sale for the low-low price of only $1.99. That makes this a great time to jump… Read More

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Randy

on May 1, 2014

If my blog title confuses you, I can explain. Today, May 1, 2014, the third installment in my Anchor Island Series, HOME TO STAY, is officially released to the world. As for the blog title, this book is the story of Will (Willow) Parsons and Randy Navarro. Get it? Lame, I know. But I’m so… Read More

No Insult To Italy

on April 14, 2014

You know how you’ll hear a particular phrase or expression your whole life, but never see it in writing? Yeah. Well. I tried to be cute and incorporated one of these sorts of things into a bit of dialogue in HOME TO STAY. And I missed it by a nautical mile. The term I used… Read More

And For My Next Trick

on April 7, 2014

I will reappear on this blog as if I never actually abandoned it for—*checks date of last blog*—exactly one month. So how the heck are ya? Me? I’m good. Healthy. Well rested. Life is good. Okay, that might be a lie. Maybe I should explain. See, I had a deadline. I had to turn in… Read More

HOME TO STAY Cover Reveal!

on December 3, 2013

Here it is. The beautiful cover for HOME TO STAY, book 3 in the Anchor Island Series. Coming to a virtual shelf near you April 15, 2014.     What do we think??