A Year Later – Advice to the Newbies

Posted Mar 28 2013 in , , ,

At this time last year, I was riding the amazing high being a finalist in the RWA Golden Heart contest for unpublished writers. I was also buried under an avalanche of emails and still have no idea how I stayed afloat. I was getting to know an amazing group of writers, who just happen to […]



Olympic Fever and Epiphanies

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Anyone else catching that Olympic fever? I have always loved the Olympics, even though I’ve never tried one iota of the sports involved. Summer or winter. But let’s be honest, the Olympics is not about the sports, it’s about the athletes. The triumphs and heartbreak. The hard work and sacrifice. The mix of skill and […]



My First Ever Guest Blog!

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I promise to post a new blog up here soon (tonight or tomorrow) but today I’m doing my first ever guest blog. Another amazing benefit of finaling in the Golden Heart®. The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood has been sweet enough to open their doors to this years class of finalist and today is my turn. Hop […]


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Now I KNOW I Can Do It

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Not long ago I figured out my average monthly word count is 15K words. At that rate, a rough draft would take five to six months to write, which isn’t good when you think of the months of revision to follow. I lamented on an earlier blog I would have to pick up the pace […]