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So What’s Up With This Irene Chick?

on August 26, 2011

Cat update first: Did not go back and get cute kitty Sunshine from pet store. Sanity ruled. Now considering taking a brand new kitten from my parents. *sigh* Nothing final yet. Good chance sanity will win out again. Onto the news of the day. So I live in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, which… Read More

To Hell In A Handbasket

on August 9, 2011

This saying was one of my grandmother’s favorites. Lillian Lyle Stonehouse Bates was born outside London during WWI, and traveled to America by boat at the age of 12. Alone. She lived with a hateful aunt through her teens and lost 2 babies, each of whom took a piece of her heart with them. She… Read More

I’m Dyin’ Ova Here!

on June 28, 2011

For three years straight, I have attended the RWA National Conference, and for three years straight, I’ve loved it. San Fran gave me horrible jet lag, DC was spread out so far I think I walked a couple hundred miles in less than a week, and in Orlando I nearly melted. But I still loved every minute…. Read More

My Twitter Take-Away

on May 27, 2011

I’ve had a Twitter account for some time, but for most of that time, didn’t see the sparkle. I didn’t understand the conversations, couldn’t keep up, didn’t know the tricks. But then something happened. I’m not certain what, couldn’t even pinpoint the moment, but something clicked in my brain and I caught the Twitter bug…. Read More