Awakening Anna: A Steamy Novella

Stand Alones
September 19, 2019
Macie Rae Publishing

Awakening Anna: A Steamy Novella

Mark your calendar for September 19 for a steamy new novella from bestselling author Terri Osburn.  

There’s nothing like raging hormones, a heat wave, and a sexy younger man to throw a woman completely off kilter. Toss in sensual dreams and the subject of those dreams showing up at her front door, and Anna Robinson is definitely off kilter.

A repressed librarian resigned to her fate of spinsterhood, thirty-five year old Anna has no idea her new neighbor and dream-man, Max, has been having dreams of his own—with her as his co-star. When he shows up at her door asking for a favor that includes sharing dinner, how can she possibly refuse?

Dinner turns into so much more and in one incredible weekend, a new, more confident Anna is born. But when Max makes a confession that brings their passionate affair to an abrupt end, her newfound strength is tested. Can she stand on her own or will she once again return to her former self? She’ll have to let him go to find out.